Fast-Track Paper Publication (Updated 26 January 2016)

Announcement for Fast-Track Paper Publication

Due to the rather long waiting time for papers accepted in JVET to be eventually published, the JVET editorial office has decided to introduce a new fast-track paper publication avenue for author(s) who is/are interested to have the research work quickly published. A fast-track publication fee is imposed. The allocation for such requests is limited and the timing is very much dependent on publication space availability.

Regulations and Fees for Fast-Track Papers

  1. No request for fast-track papers will be considered before it is accepted for publication in the journal.

  2. After paper acceptance, the corresponding author is required to send a formal request to the relevant Associate Editor who handles the submission for fast-track consideration.

  3. The fast-track application will be handled by an Administrative Associate Editor upon recommendation by the Editor-in-Chief.

  4. The Administrative Associate Editor will then corresponds with the corresponding author directly and a final decision will be reported to the Editor-in-Chief and the editorial office.

  5. Due to additional editing and publishing expenses, author(s) for any fast-track papers are required to contribute to the costs and, if any, subscription of the journal. The Administrative Associate Editor will communicate with the corresponding author. The fees are given in Table 1.

  6. The corresponding author(s) of any fast-track paper who, or his/her institution (disregarding other co-authors and their institutions), is not a subscriber will be required to subscribe to the journal for a 12-month period (6 issues) in which their paper is published. Additional subscription fee applies. Current subscribers are exempted from this requirement.

  7. The fast-track paper will be published in addition to the normal-track papers which are already logged in. Hence, the admission of a fast-track paper will not be disposed at the expense of papers already scheduled in the publication pipeline.

  8. There are limited spaces for fast-track papers in each issue of the journal. The editorial office will, as much as possible in its capability, allocate the fast-track paper in the next immediate issue. However, depending on journal space availability, there is no guarantee such allocation will be successful. The corresponding author will be informed in advance before both parties (corresponding author and editorial office) agree for the paper to formally enter into the procedure.

  9. Each issue is allowed ONE (1) fast-track paper and, in special circumstances to be decided by the Editor-in-Chief, a maximum of TWO (2) fast-track papers is allowed.

  10. As an incentive, a fast-track paper upon publication will be made freely accessible online to promote fast dissemination and citation. In addition, the corresponding author(s) will receive 25 off-prints of their paper free of charge.

  11. The terms and regulations will be revised periodically and, in addition, the editorial office reserves all rights to revise the terms and regulations without prior notice.

  12. All terms agreed upon between the corresponding author and the editorial office shall be honoured. For any disputes, the decision of the editorial office will be final.

                                             Table 1: Fast-track publication fee(s).


Types of Manuscript



Full-length technical paper

US$ 1,000 per paper, maximum 8 pages without coloured figure(s), US$ 125 per additional page.


Discussion, technical note, letter to the editor, short communication, etc.

US$ 250 per paper, maximum 2 pages without coloured figure(s).


Coloured   figure(s)

To be determined by the publisher.

Dated 26 January 2016

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