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Investigation on Large Swing of Center-Phase Jumper Conductor Structure by Coupling Action of Rain and Wind

Vol 5(4)  2017

Author:C. Zhou, L. Li, Y. P. Liu and Y. B. Liu

Page Number:355 - 366

Abstract:Excessive and unanticipated large swings of center-phase jumper conductor structure in overhead power-line system under the simultaneous occurrence of wind and rain are presently a problem of great concerns. This type of large swings, like the effect of any other mechanical oscillations, can decrease air gaps, reduce the discharge voltages of clearance and eventually lead to flashovers. However, the mechanism of large swings of center-phase jumper conductor structure by coupling the actions of rain and wind is still not clear. This paper thus presents an analytical model to explain some observed phenomena, which consider the rainfall intensity, transverse wind velocity and jumper conductor structures on the large swings of center-phase jumper conductor structure. By means of the finite element method and central difference method, the velocities and loads of wind and rainfall, air gaps between the lowest point of suspension insulator string and the tower body are obtained, and then the minimum gaps at the different rainfall intensities are calculated. The analytical model is then verified by the comparison with field tests. It turns out that the analytical model can capture main features of the large swings of center-phase jumper conductor structure subjected to wind and rain loads, and the effect of rainfall on the large swings and air gaps are not negligible.

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