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Field Measurement on Power Spectra and Coherence Characteristics of Near-ground Wind in Chinese Coastal Area

Vol 5(4)  2017

Author:Feng Wang, Peng Huang, Pingzhi Fang and Ming Gu

Page Number:329 - 336

Abstract:The wind characteristic of typhoon ‘Fanapi’ (2010, China) and monsoon, such as power spectra and coherence functions, are analyzed and compared with each other on the basis of the field measurement data which were recorded at the height of 26.6m, 42.4m, 60.4m and 82.9m above the ground in Fujian coastal area of China in September, 2010. The results show that the power spectra of fluctuating wind speeds before the landing of typhoon Fanapi correspond well with Von Karman spectrum. The observed normalized power spectral of longitudinal, lateral and vertical grows at the high frequency part during the eye of typhoon go through the measurement point. The mean values of the measured power spectra of fluctuating wind speeds show that there is no significant difference between typhoon and monsoons, and the power spectra of the high frequencies grows with the non-dimensional frequency at some range of the inertial subrange.The spectrum value of the three-dimensional velocity components (u, ν, ω) during typhoon Fanapi landing are the largest and the results before typhoon Fanapi landing are the smallest at high frequencies. The mean longitudinal, lateral and vertical decay factors of coherence functions of fluctuating wind speeds of typhoon are 15.14, 10.51 and 9.56, respectively, and the values of monsoons are 17.04, 8.75 and 8.31, respectively. The mean vertical coherence of the longitudinal and lateral fluctuating wind speeds of the typhoon are 0.80 and 0.75, respectively, and the values of monsoons are 0.85 and 0.83, respectively. This indicates the monsoons have good spatial coherence than that of the typhoon.

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