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Critical Speed Analysis of Flexible Rotor System with Stochastic Uncertain Parameters

Vol 5(4)  2017

Author:Sheng-Tong Zhou, XingWu, Hong-Guang Li and Yuan-Yuan Sun

Page Number:319 - 328

Abstract:The quantification of stochastic uncertainty effects on critical speed variability of flexible rotor system is investigated in this paper. Instead of using Monte Carlo simulation, the method presented here is based on the stochastic spectral method using non-intrusive polynomial chaos expansion. Uncertain parameters, such as the Young’s modulus of rotor-shaft, the geometry and material parameters of rigid disk, stiffness coefficients of bearing, are involved in the stochastic rotor model. The Young’s modulus random field of rotor shaft is simulated using Karhunen-Loève expansion, and the correlated non-normal random variables are dealt with random space transformation methods. The availability and efficiency of the presented method is demonstrated though the critical speed variability analysis of a 50 MW steam turbine rotor mounted in a high-speed dynamic balancing machine.

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