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Wake-Induced Galloping of Two Parallel Cables with Two Degrees of Freedom

Vol 5(4)  2017

Author:Xiaoqing Du, Benjian Jiang, Chin Dai and Guoyan Wang

Page Number:313 - 318

Abstract:Parallel cables, which are used extensively in long span cable-supported bridges, usually suffer wake-induced galloping. Wake galloping of parallel cables as well as Reynolds number effects has been studied on two circular cylinder models by wind tunnel tests. The center-to-center distance of the two cylinders was 4 diameters and the attack angles were from 0o to 20o. It is found there may exist different excitation mechanisms of the wake galloping for two circular cylinders for the small attack angle (α = 5o, 10o) and the large attack angle (α = 20o). For the cases with small attack angle, the downstream cylinder moves almost in across-wind directions, while trajectories for the large attack angle vibration both in along-wind and across-wind directions. Moreover, wake galloping shows strong Reynolds numbers effects both for the attack angle of 5o and 15o. For the case of 5o, with the increasing of Reynolds number, the downstream cylinder suffer a static displacement toward the upstream cylinder, which might be due to the change of flow pattern between the two cylinders. As for the case of 15o, the characteristics of dynamic response change with the Reynolds number and there are different patterns of the vibratory trajectory at difference Reynolds numbers.

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