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Control Signal Assessment for Vibration Testing Equipment

Vol 5(4)  2017

Author:Menyhardt Karoly and Nagy Ramona

Page Number:285 - 292

Abstract:Due to globalization it is necessary to transport items from the place of production to marketing outlets, shipping being a vital process in the distribution of goods. Considering this aspect, the vibration behavior of the different parts is an important factor in the occurrence of defects. Thus, their vibration testing is essential to get good transportability characteristics. By testing items with random vibration tests it is possible to observe the behavior in unforeseen circumstances such as earthquakes, faulty manipulation, or operation under special conditions. Their mechanical destruction during transport may be significant and in the case of items transported by trucks, random vibrations may occur due to the irregularity of the road track. The random vibration item test is suitable for statistical determination of defects that may occur due to transport. Electrodynamical vibrators can be used as a vibration source in various technological processes, material testing equipment and dynamic study of machinery. Using custom signal for vibration testing can improve the accuracy of the testing results. This paper aims to present the acquisition, processing and usage of such signals in vibration testing.

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