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    The Vibration Institute of India
  • The Vibration Institute of India

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    The Vibration Institute of India
  • Liquid Hydrogen

    High Speed Cryogenic Pump for Liquid Hydrogen Fuel and Oxygen

    Liquid Hydrogen
  • Liquid Propulsion Engine

    Liquid Propulsion Engine On Fourth Stage of Geostationary Launch Vehicle

    Liquid Propulsion Engine
  • Nuclear Turbine

    Last Stage Steam Turbine Blades Failure in a Nuclear Turbine

    Nuclear Turbine

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Journal of Vibration Engineering and Technologies

Journal of Vibration Engineering & Technologies (JVET) (ISSN No.: 2321-3558) was previously known as Advances in Vibration Engineering (AVE) and the journal takes its new official name beginning from 2014. AVE was launched in 2002 by Professor Jammi Srinivasa Rao and it was a scientific journal associated with The Vibration Institute of India (TVII). Professor J.S. Rao is the current ...
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  • Author:Z. Luo, Y. Wang, Y. P. Zhu, Y. H. Wang and Q. K. Han
  • Page Number:487 - 497
  • Author:Kai Zhang, Tianning Chen, Xiaopeng Wang and Jianglong Fang
  • Page Number:499 – 505
  • Author:Xingxing Jiang and Shunming Li
  • Page Number:507 – 521
  • Author:A. Jomartov
  • Page Number:523 - 533
  • Author:Adik R. Yadao and Dayal R. Parhi
  • Page Number:535 – 546
  • Author:R. C. Sharma and K. K. Goyal
  • Page Number:547 - 556
  • Author:Samir B. Kumbhar, S. P. Chavan, A. P. Patil and S. S. Gawade
  • Page Number:557 - 568
  • Author:S. H. Gawande and D. K. Kokare
  • Page Number:569 - 581
  • Author:G. H. Jin, Y. P. Xiong, Y. F. Gui and R. P. Zhu
  • Page Number:583 - 595
  • Author:Liu Jie, Lu Zheng, Yao Hailin and Dong Cheng
  • Page Number:597 - 604
  • Author:J. C. Gomez-Mancilla, L. M. Palacios-Pineda, J. A. Meda-Campaña and R. García-Illescas
  • Page Number:605 - 614

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